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The FIU Campus Network (FIUnet) provides network connectivity services to FIU students, faculty and staff in support of the educational mission of the University.  It is the user's responsibility to use these services appropriately and in compliance with all University, local, state and federal laws and regulations. Access is a privilege that can be revoked due to misuse. By accepting this agreement, the user agrees to abide by the terms and conditions set forth below.  The terms for service include abiding by the FIU Network Use Statement and other applicable state and federal laws and University rules and regulations.

Network Use Statement

The use of Florida International University's information technology resources is contingent upon proper authorization. By logging in to this system, you agree to abide by all applicable federal, state and local laws, State of Florida Board of Governors rules, and University rules, regulations and policies. You also understand that the misuse or misappropriation of the University's information technology resources or violation of any applicable law, rule, regulation or University policy, may result in the revocation of your access privileges.

  • FIUnet services, equipment, wiring or jacks may not be altered nor extended beyond the location of their intended use.  Network Hubs may be installed, provided the user assumes full responsibility for the proper setup, operation and maintenance of the equipment.
  • FIUnet may not be used to provide access to University information systems for purposes other than those that are in direct support of the academic program of the University. FIUnet may not be used to provide access to the Internet to anyone not formally affiliated with the University.  Formal affiliation includes enrolled students, faculty and staff.
  • Any receipt, retransmission or destruction of software or data must observe copyright laws, license restrictions and University policies.
  • Viewing, copying, altering or destroying any file, or connecting to a host on a network without explicit permission of the owner is a violation of this policy.
  • The University's networks are shared resources. Excessive use of network resources which inhibits or interferes with the use of these networks by others is not permitted.
  • FIUnet may not be used for commercial or profit-making enterprises. Use of these resources for commercial gain is  contrary to the non-profit status of the University.
  • Users may not share University system passwords, use another person's account, even with permission, or allow use of an established connection by someone other than the registered user.
  • Users may not forge or otherwise misrepresent another's identity through any form of communication.
  • An FIUnet connection may not be used to attempt to circumvent protection schemes or exercise security loopholes in any computer or network component.
  • IP spoofing (tricking a computer by making a message appear as if it came from an authorized IP source), packet sniffing (using a program and/or device to monitor information traveling over a network), virus distribution (transmitting computer viruses through the network), or any activity that disrupts the network, are violations of FIU computer abuse policies.
  • Users are responsible for all use of their computers and network connections and will be held accountable for any violations that occur involving their computer or network connections. Users should only allow others to use their machines with the full understanding of the consequences of that action.  In addition, it is the responsibility of a server owner to maintain reasonable security (no anonymous access, maintaining accurate logs, good password protocols, etc.).  Servers with inadequate security are often used by hackers to gain access to other campus hosts.  Any server involved in a break-in attempt will be disconnected from the campus network immediately.
  • Users who administer computers on FIUnet that are used as servers have the additional responsibility to respond to any use of their server that is in violation of this Acceptable Use Policy. Server administrators must take steps to prevent recurrence of such violations and report these violations to the FIUnet Network Administrator at 
  • University network resources may not be used to defame, harass, intimidate or threaten any other person(s).  University harassment policies cover all uses of FIUnet, including e-mail correspondences and newsgroups.  All approved FIUnet users (e.g., enrolled students, faculty and staff) are expected to abide by all guidelines mentioned herein when using these resources.
  • IP Address Usage: IP addresses are assigned, to devices authorized to access FIUnet, through the Automated IP Registration System (AIRS).  The use of any IP address other than that assigned by FIUnet is prohibited. Use of unassigned IP addresses can cause conflicts, possibly resulting in a disruption of service for the person assigned that address.
  • Registration of FIU-owned IP addresses with external (to the University) hostname registration agencies is also prohibited. The registration of ".COM" commercial hostnames to an FIUnet IP address is considered a violation of University policy regarding Domain Name Requests, which prohibits the use of computers connected to the campus network for commercial purposes.  FIUnet IP addresses may only be registered using the or domain names.

Individuals who violate the aims of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action or to referral to law enforcement authorities. University Technology Services personnel are authorized to monitor suspected violations and to examine items stored on any University storage medium by individuals suspected of violating this policy.